Changes to Oregon's OMMP Plant Counts

On March 1, 2016, Oregon's medical marijuana program will undergo substantial changes. Specifically, flowering plant counts per grow site will be capped at 12 for residential sites and 48 for non-residential sites. Plant counts may be increased to 24 and 96 flowering plants respectively if the growers were growing for four patients each on December 31, 2014 and are grandfathered in as larger grow sites. As you can imagine, this will have an effect on the supply of medical (and early recreational) cannabis this summer. 

This brings us to SB 1511, which is set for public hearing by Oregon's Joint Committee on Marijuana tomorrow. SB 1511, among other things, would stay the implementation of new plant count limits until December 31, 2016. At a time when many of Oregon's cannabis producers are beginning the transition into recreational licenses, and new testing and reporting requirements are also coming online, staying the flowering plant count limits is necessary to ensure adequate supply of cannabis for patients and dispensaries during the summer months of 2016. 

You can read the full text of SB 1511 here:

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