Best Oregon Flower Company of 2018

We were honored and humbled to be named Oregon’s Best Flower Company of 2018 by Leafly.

“Of all the new farms I’ve seen in 2018, Boring Weed Co.—the recreational offshoot of well-known Oregon medical grow, Real McCoy Farms—has managed to consistently impress me from their first batch to their most current. At the forefront of creative cannabis, Boring uses a hydroponic feed technique involving both organics and salts, giving the team the control they need to form the muscular, ornamental visual quality to match their bag-penetrating aromatics.

Strains like the museum-quality, purple-and-citrus Tropicanna Cookies first caught my attention, while in-house crosses like the Milk Stache and cutting-edge flavors including the Grape Durban bred by Cannarado and the Meatbreath crossed by Thug Pug illustrate Boring’s expertise at identifying and expressing genetics both exotic and crowd-pleasing.”